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Development situation

1. In the fifty-fourth year of the country, a quasi-three-year evening ministry was established, and four years of study were required.
2. In September, the five-year system of the Republic of China was approved to restructure the three-year department into a two-year system, with three years of study.
3. In June 1986, it was approved to establish the Second Training Department.
4. In December of the eighth year of the Republic of China, the Four Skills Training Department was established with the permission of the seventeenth.
5. In February 1988, it was approved to set up an on-the-job special class of the Second Technical Training Department.
6. In August 1992, it was approved to set up a postgraduate in-service special class of the Institute of Applied Science of Life.
7. In October 1993, it was approved to set up an in-service special class of the Four Skills Training Department.
8. In October of 1994, it was approved to set up in-service special classes in the Advanced Education Department of the Second College.
9. In November 1996, it was approved to set up in-service special classes for the second technical degree program.
(1) 101 academic year
1. Stop enrolling the second-skilled silver-haired living industry degree program (holiday class)
2. Newly added the four-skill silver-haired life industry degree program (weekday class)
3. Sojitz Enterprise Department (Shuangjian shift: driver account opening management)
  (Note: Dual-track training flagship painting, customer relationship management and sales class)
4. [Institute of Business and Management] changed its name to [Department of International Business Management Master in Special Class]

(2) 102 academic year
1. Stop recruiting the second-level music department (holiday class)
2. Suspension of the four-skill silver-haired living industry degree program (weekday class)
3. The school has added a tourism college
4. Added the Department of Second Technology International Business Management (weekday class)
5. Add the four-skill in-service professional sports leisure and health management degree program (weekday class)
6. Add the four-tech health care leisure management degree program and the meal management degree program (weekday class)
7. [Institute of Applied Science of Life] changed its name to [Master of Applied Science of Life of the Department of Life Service Industry]
  (Note: The Second Technology International Business Management Department (weekday class) did not open the class due to insufficient enrollment.)


Educational goals

Adhering to the educational philosophy of "cultivating morality", "respecting life", "focusing on teaching", "happy learning" and "being willing to serve",
Promote lifelong learning education to nurture technology talents that meet the needs of society and the industry.


Business Overview

The business of the Advanced Education Department is mainly divided into three major items: educational affairs, academic affairs, and general affairs.

Academic affairs:
1. Responsible for student status management, grade management and reporting department
2. Handle the registration and statistical inquiry of student results
3. To undertake student registration, transfer of department (department), suspension (retirement), resumption of school, graduation, etc.
4. Curriculum management and trial management of various departments
5. Assignment of course start, course arrangement, course selection, examination, teacher leave, adjustment of courses, etc.
6. Students rework homework during summer vacation
7. Various enrollment services

Student affairs:
1. Student loan, Ping An insurance work
2. Student military service related business
3. Students are absent, reward and punish homework
4. Accommodation application, counseling and other related services
5. Various club activities, department and society activities, class activities, welcome new students, old ones and other activities are handled
6. Handle various lectures, symposiums, activities and competitions
7. Student counseling, first aid treatment
8. Tuition and miscellaneous fee waiver for students, school allowance for disadvantaged students

General affairs business:

1. Student work-study bursary, scholarship application work
2. Operations related to car and locomotive parking spaces
3. Homework related to student payment (refund) and handling of illegal vehicles
4. Manage property and auxiliary teaching equipment, and handle various purchase operations