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【Announcement】111 academic year master in-service professional class video interview notice

In the 111 academic year of the school, the entrance examination for the postgraduate in-service special classes of the Advanced Education Department, due to the heating up of the epidemic, in order to reduce the risk of cluster infection and reduce the number of candidates from
If it is necessary to move, the school cancels the "on-campus" interview and adopts the "video interview" method as follows

1. Video interview date: May 21, 2022 (Saturday).
2. Video software: The video interview will be conducted using "Google Meet". Candidates are requested to download the software using the computer version or mobile phone.
Google Meet APP and login with gmail account.
3. Video link: The website link will be notified by SMS on May 18 according to the mobile phone number provided by the candidates for registration
If you haven't received the text message, please call the School's Education Department for inquiries (06) 2535647.
4. After opening the Google Chrome browser, in order to confirm the interview candidates, please go to Google Account → Personal Information → Name
(change it to a name that can identify the candidate's own name).
5. Please register and enter according to the designated time

<The notification and interview time of each department is as follows>


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