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【Announcement】Notice about the 110th school year summer heavy

110 Academic Year Summer Course Survey Over 10 people Scheduled courses and related matters of class time
In view of the rapid increase of the epidemic situation, according to the resolution of the 34th epidemic prevention meeting of our school, our school will implement epidemic prevention drills. Therefore, the summer elective courses have been extended to May 27 (Friday). Please download the course selection list by yourself.
After filling in the E-MAIL, send it to dropn@gm.tut.edu.tw, and call the Advanced Education Department within 2 days after remittance to confirm the payment status
(details as attached)

1. Courses with more than 10 students surveyed are as shown in the table below. If there are less than 10 students, the paid fees will be refunded and the class will not be held.
2. The registration date is from May 16, 2011 to May 27, 2011. Please register on time.
3. The payment date is from May 16, 2011 to May 27, 2011. The payment and remittance will be completed within the time limit.
4. The daily class schedule is from 6:30 to 9:45 in the evening. <The work and rest time is the same as the normal class time>


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