[Graduation] Precautions for graduating students in the 110 academic year to receive their degree certificates

The Department of Advanced Studies is expected to announce the list of graduates of the 110 academic year on the website of the Department of Education of the University on June 17, 2011 (Friday).

Graduates can only receive their degree certificates after the graduation ceremony (no one will be allowed to collect on their behalf on the day of the ceremony).

Before graduating students leave the school, if there are unfinished matters, please do so as soon as possible, such as: arrears, unpaid borrowing books or fines, unfinished graduate flow questionnaire...etc.

※Reminder: After graduation, please go to the official website of the All-in-One Card to "register your name card".

In the future, if there is a loss or a refund application, you need to apply for the "Report Lost Name Card" online (website: https://www.i-pass.com.tw/Miss),

If you do not register the registration, all the loss reporting and refund service card companies will not be able to accept the loss, please pay special attention to the students.

Notes for obtaining a degree certificate are as attached